Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cooking the Cowboys on Saturday (9/2)

Attention Bullseye Brigade Members:

We are getting together on Saturday night to "cook the cowboys." Toward that end, come on out and get some authentic cowboy chili, or chili dog's, or authentic Frito's pie. If you are young, you could even eat the hot dog without chili.

What we need is side dishes and desserts. Please bring those with you as we meet at Chili's at 4:45pm on Saturday and head in to the stadium parking lot at 5 pm.

Phil and Cashawna are fill in hosts, as I will be out of town attending to family business. But you guys can do this without me. As a way of knowing numbers, Shane & Jocie, Tom & Carol, and Richard Johnson (Jocie's Dad) will not be attending either.

You guys are the best. See you at the next game on International Night on Saturday night September 10.

Go Bulls!


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